Store Mosse National Park
Foto: Martha Wägeus

Naturum Store Mosse, National Park visitor Centre

In naturum Store Mosse, the visitor center, you will find information about the nature and history of Store Mosse National Park. Admission is free.

Naturum Store Mosse is adjacent to the main entrance. There are signs for it from the car park. Admission is free. In naturum Store Mosse, you will find information about the nature in Store Mosse National Park, other national parks in the country and about the nature reserves in Jönköping County. Welcome!

Opening hours  

During the spring of 2024, the naturum will be open on Sundays in odd weeks starting on 4 February between 10am and 4pm. Mondays and Tuesdays we are open as usual every week between 9am and 1pm.

During week 7, 11th - 18´s of February, we will be open between 10am and 4pm every day and offer some different activities.

Monday and Tuesday, at 9-13

Sundays in odd weeks, at 10-16

Winter holiday, Sportlov (February 11-18), 10am-4pm

What to do at the visitor centre

We keep to the typical Swedish tradition of taking our shoes off when indoors. The floor is warm, and the practice is in keeping with the relaxed atmosphere in naturum. Besides, it lowers the sound level. You may eat your picnic inside, but we have no food facilities.

In naturum there is an exhibition that explains the development of the mire and the area during the last 14 000 years. 

You can always call and book a guided showing in naturum. In naturum Store Mosse you will find information about Store Mosse National Park, and other National Parks in Sweden and about the nature reserves in the County of Jönköping.


At the panoramic window facing Lake Kävsjön, you have a front row seat to follow the bird life. Through the telescopes available in naturum, you can experience the birds at close range.

Activities for old and young

Have a look at the mounted brown bear shot near the park in the year 2000. Study skeletons. Play a parlour game. Or settle down in an comfortable armchair at our reference library and read for a while in front of the fire.

Outside naturum

There are  fire places for grilling and tables and chairs between naturum and the bird observation tower. In wintertime there are also ski tracks, provided there is sufficient snow.
We also have a quiz outside, along Wibeck trail with information and questions for example about plants, animals and other protected areas. 

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