Store Mosse National Park
Foto: Länsstyrelsen Jönköping

Guided tour of the National Park and Visitor Centre

About the activity

Guided tours of the exhibition in naturum

Experience 14 000 years in 45 minutes, a guide tells you the story of Store Mosse and explains the exhibition. From 30 SEK/person. 

Book at naturum:

  • Phone: +46 10 22 361 30

Free 10-minute explaination of the exhibition in naturum every half hour or whenever you like, during opening hours. Just ask the staff.

Guided walks in the National Park

Guided walks up to 2 hours can be arranged if you book before hand. The price is from 150 SEK per person. There is a minimum price of 1 200 SEK. Maximum 25 participants per group.

Book at naturum: 

More walks here:


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