Tyresta National Park
Charred tree trunk lying on a green soft bed of moss.Foto: Stiftelsen Tyrestaskogen

Wander among tree skeletons in a forest fire area

The 1999 forest fire in Tyresta National Park has left a large impression on nature and on the memory of Stockholm residents. Today it is a desolate place, but one where new life is sprouting.

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The area of the fire is undeniably a special place. Silvery skeletons of pine trees dominate the fire zone, which is surrounded by a thriving greenery of young pine, birch and aspen trees that are enjoyed by the forest’s elk and deer. Wetter areas are covered by a thick growth of haircap moss.

Follow the trail across the fire area, through life and death. From the heights you can look out over the area which covers 1,112 acres (450 hectares).

Here you can imagine pines in flames, crackling shrubs, and how the fire crept forward over the ground with consuming flames — and 500 firemen trying to bring the fire under control, amid air which is thick and difficult to breathe….

Today, more than 20 years later, it can be very pleasant here. During summer when the sun is blazing, it can get quite hot and there is a chance of seeing the outlines of sea eagles against the blue sky as they rest on streams of warm air rising from the ground.

The fire area is reached most easily from the Stensjödal entrance. The Fornborgsslingan loop (6 km) leads you around lakes Lanan and Stensjön, then passes over the forest fire area which stretches along both sides of the water. Follow the trail across the fire area.

The rest of the area is difficult to penetrate due to its jumble of fallen tree trunks. Via Bylsjöslingan loop from Tyresta village, you can reckon with a walk of ca. 45 minutes before reaching the fire area.


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