Skuleskogen National Park
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Skuleskogen National Park

A wild and impressive section of the High Coast

Grandiose views of forest and sea, beautiful lakes, verdant spruce forest valleys and intriguing geological phenomena show more plainly than anywhere else that parts of Sweden have emerged from the sea. Skuleskogen National Park is a monumental area. High mountains, old-growth forest and the seacoast come together here in a landscape that is without equal in Sweden.

About Skuleskogen National Park

Current information in Skuleskogen National Park

Winter is here!

01 November 2023

The winter has come in Skuleskogen national park and it is already quite a lot of snow. If you are planning to visit this winter keep in mind that only the south and west entrance will be cleared of snow and accessible during winter. To learn more about visiting Skuleskogen in winter please visit the page Winter in Visitor Information.

New trail route passing Slåttdalsskrevan

The national park management has established a new trail route over Slåttdalsberget, the mountain next to the crevice of Slåttdalsskrevan. The trail is part of the High Coast trail and takes hikers from the south entrance of Slåttdalsskrevan to the north entrance of the crevice over a mountain with stunning views. The former trail route through the crevice is closed due to safety concerns.

Visitor Information

Here, you will find everything you need to know before your visit to Skuleskogen National Park. When it is best to visit the park, how to get there and the rules you will need to follow once you are there.

Experiences and activities in Skuleskogen National Park

Sweden’s national parks offer experiences for young and old alike. Here, you can read about the wide variety of activities and sites which you can experience in Skuleskogen National Park.

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