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Here you find the current information about the National Park.

Temporary exhibition: Mossens medvetande - Amanda Cardell

15 August - 29 September 2023

The exhibition “Mossens medvetande” (Swedish, meaning “The consciousness of the bog”) is a further development of the exhibition “Det stora gungflyet” (“The Great Quagmire”), which was shown at Småland's art archive in Vandalorum during the summer.

Here at naturum, the artwork is shown integrated into the public space. There will be an exhibition tour by the artist, Amanda Cardell, 15/8 at 14.00, and a morning walk in Östra Rockne 29/9 at 7.00, in the form of a wading bird.

Cardell has been on several visits to Store Mosse National Park, gathered information and deepened herself in the literature, facts and myths. The exhibition is about climate and wetlands, current knowledge about natural resources and organic matter. Peat, moss, water, pulp and an infinite amount of time. The methane gas that becomes flares and Will of the Wisps in folklore.

About parking in the national park

Store Mosse national park is a well-visited tourist destination. During the summer, our car parks quickly fill up, which can make it difficult to find a parking space. It is important to keep in mind then that national parks have their own regulations which state, among other things, that it is forbidden to park outside designated roads and parking lots.

This year is the first year that we have a parking company that helps us keep the order. In previous years, we have had parking chaos which meant that buses, the emergency services and our own staff couldn’t do their work. So we appeal to you visitors to follow the signs where you may park.

We have left all signage to the parking company. If you receive a traffic ticket that you think is unfair, you must appeal to the parking company. You can reach Smart Park via the number (+46)771 80 88 80.

If the main car park is full, you can try to park at one of the other entrances to the national park.

  • Östra Rockne
  • Kittlakull
  • Kävsjö
  • Södra Svänö
  • Häradsö
  • Kvarnö
  • Lövö
  • Björnekullen
  • Andersberg

For a map, follow this link, store-mosse-nationalpark-karta-2017-eng.pdf (

Plan your visit to avoid crowding

During summer, we have a lot of visitors in the park and the parkinglots get crowded easily. If you have the possibility, leave your car at home and take the bike or bus to the park. You can read more about how to get to the park here.

You can also visit the park earlier in the morning or in the evening. Then, you have an even greater chance to explore the wildlife, as the animals are more active during these times.

Table of the magnitude of visitors in Store Mosse national park. Most visitors come between 11 am and 2 pm.

Naturum opening hours:

During summer naturum is open every day from 11 AM to 5 PM. Welcome! 

Why is the Motorhome stopover dissappearing?

Since the pandemic, the number of mobile homes has increased and our parking lots are undersized in relation to the number of visitors we have today. During the summer, we can have over a thousand visitors in one day at the main entrance.

Neither the staff nor the facilities are sufficient to meet the needs that arise when we have a stopover. We have difficulty dealing with the consequences in the form of parking chaos, garbage disposal and emptying of latrines. In the end, it becomes both a safety and work environment issue when the car parks get too full.

Unfortunately, with our current budget for protected nature, we also have no opportunities to increase either the parking spaces or the staff.

Our existing parking lot therefore needs to be for people who want to visit the National Park and we hope that more local entrepreneurs see it as an opportunity to meet the needs of motorhome tourists!

However, motorhome tourists are welcome to use the parking lot just like other motorists when visiting the national park during day time. The only thing is that the stopover possibillity is removed.

The possibility to spend the night in the national park is still available in form of pitching a tent, and stay in the hostel, see link below. In addition, there are camp sites, bed and breakfasts and hotels nearby the park.


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