Store Mosse National Park
Foto: Sofie von Knorring

Rest, eat, sleep

Here you get information about where you can rest, eat and live in Store Mosse National Park.

Fire places and picnic areas

There are several fire places with benches: at the large main car park, at the start of the story trail path by nature, Wibecksplatsen, the car park Östra Rockne, on Lilla Lövö, Svänö and Lövö. Wood storage is available at the start of the path of the forest trolls, Svänö and Lövö. If you are going to visit the other fire places, you can bring firewood there, do not burn twigs from the forest!


At the large parking place, the Östra Rockne parking place, the Kittlakull parking place, Svänö and Lövö, there is a outdoor toilet. All the outdoor toilet are large and have high accessability. There is also a small outdoor toilet at the parking lot at Kvarnö. In the naturum Store Mosse there are three toilets that can be used, one of which has a changing table. They can be visited when visitor center is open.


The visitor center naturum Store Mosse has no serving, but you are welcome to eat a packed lunch inside naturum. There are also tables outside naturum where you can sit and eat.


In the National Park, you can only camp in designated places. There are several tent sites in the National Park where Svänö and Lövö are the largest. An overview map of tent sites in the National Park can be found below. Also keep in mind that you may not stay more than three nights in a row in the same place.

Svänö camping site.

Rest cabins

At the farm on Lövö there is a rest cabin. It is open all year round. There is a stove, a table and chairs.

At the farm on Svänö there is a rest cabin. It is open all year round. There is a stove, a table and chairs.

Overnight stay in a RV or caravan

You are not allowed to stay over night (00.00-06.00) with an RV or a caravan in the National Park.

Hostel accommodation in the National Park

Today, a hostel is run in the old farmhouses Lövö and Svänö. Read more about the accommodation at the link below

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