Store Mosse National Park
Foto: Martha Wägeus

When you should visit the park

Store Mosse National Park is worth visiting year-round.


The tits and other small birds are very busy around the bird feeding station by naturum. The days grow longer and the sun returns. The whooper swans return to Lake Kävsjön as soon as the ice releases its grip. The trails dry up, and there is much to discover during a hike.

The mires own spring flower, the bog-rosemary, displays its rosy bells, and the hare's-tail cottongrass’ yellow clusters brightens up the swamps. The bog myrtle blooms on bare sprigs, and the cranes trumpet. Liverleafs flower at Svänö, and black grouse can be heard from the mire. Jack snipes and whimbrels mate, and the cuckoo is heard from all directions.


During summer we have guided tours weekly. Come along on a summer snowshoe hike, and swim in a bog lake. We also have other hikes to various places in the park, depending on the season. On Wednesdays there is a short guided tour in the vicinity of naturum. Svänö is divinely beautiful in early summer. A hike to the early morning silence at Blådöpet, with the heavy birdsong, is a recomened experience. 


The time of silence. Picking fungi of varoius sorts can give an excellent harvest. Passing birds, migrating from north can offer new nature experiences. The sphagnum mosses of the raised bog are brilliantly coloured now.


Is quiet and deserted at Store Mosse. The feeding of golden and white-tailed eagles continues from November through March. If the ground freezes and we get a good supply of snow, we make ski tracks for our visitors. Don´t worry about  nasty hills, this is a flat countryside. With a full moon, clear sky, cold and enough snow, skiing in the moonlight may be organised on the quagmire next to naturum.

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